Well, I wrote this piece for a 1v1 challenge that my opponent themed "Memento Mori." In other words, "Remember Your Mortality."

Given that prompt, this defecation was spawned at 10 am shortly after waking up.

Now that the contest has ended, I figured I'd post it here as my most recent work, although I'm not quite satisfied with it and feel it is sub-par at best.

Tossing Diamond Crumbles Into The Wishing Well

A vision sparks into being like ancient stars,
how reformed scars merely hint of their presence,
like an elegant waltz that tapers off
and finds itself recorded.

How trade winds blow as a constant reminder,
Earth's waters churn in an endless cycle.
Soil springs new life as a loving mother
before fires burn death upon the bond.

Behind the face of self-sustainment,
a treason emerges in the hearts of the living.
Made inconsequential are their tiring efforts,
for no one is sheltered from death's embrace.
This is still good...I still stumble on a few points..when i read it slowly it all fits and flows....It is odd how we had a few similarities in our pieces...But then again we had a theme....

I like this defecation....
I haz gotten gud