I'm quite keen to do this mod. Or get it done in a shop, should I say. I wouldn't try it myself.

However, the shop I'll be going to for it to be done is about 40 miles away. Would the mod work on a Gibson Les Paul 2010 Standard (faded model, if that makes a difference?)?

And do you know how much this'll cost, roughly? I imagine it'd be a bit expensive, as it's a pretty serious mod.

There is the kit, the only thing you need to find out is if your Gibson came with factory two wire pickups or four wire pickups. If its two wire I dont think you can perform this mod as you cant coil split a two wire pickup. What the shop will charge you is going to vary, I think at Long and McQuade they charge $60/hr minimum one hours work. This kit is obviously not the cream of the crop components but it shouldn't be expected to be that great for $50. And I feel the same as you, I think all Les Pauls should come standard with this mod!
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If its two wire I dont think you can perform this mod as you cant coil split a two wire pickup.

not true, you can convert the pickups to 3 or 4 wire, its not too bad to do. go to my building page for info on it
Okay thanks. This shop I'm going to is a very respected and famous shop. John-Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) gets his basses custom made there and Matt Bellamy gets his guitars made there. You reckon I could just hand them my guitar and they will have the bits to do it? I don't wanna do it on the cheap. I want it to be done properly. My Les Paul has Burstbuckers in. Are they 4 wire pickups?
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All these questions could be answered by calling the shop instead of posting on the internet and waiting patiently for a reply. Seriously, man up, I know people have a phobia of phones some time.

The hell? It's one o'clock in the morning... That's what this forum is for, is it not? I'd rather ask on here, get some knowledge about it first, so I can talk to the shop with at least some basic information about what I'm talking about first.
You're not near hot Springs, Ar, are you, because I'll do the mod for free, just to help another forum member, Also, I'm moving to Lake Wood, Co in January if you are close to there.
No, I'm in England. But that's very kind of you to offer.

I have never done any modifications to a guitar before. Especially electronics. Is it possible to do it myself, and do a good job? I've heard people quite often get it wrong which results in humming.
If you can solder, you can do it. It's not hard. Humming would come if you wired it wrong or were terrible at soldering. Both of those things are easily fixed, unless you melt a pot or something, in which case you get to buy a new one.

The Burstbuckers in your guitar will be 2-wire, so you'll need to either take the pickups apart to rewire them, or just get new pickups. As long as you're doing this mod yourself, I'd suggest getting new pickups with the money you've saved.

And now for the unsolicited advice portion of our programming:
I won't tell you not to do the wiring, but I will tell you that I've done it twice to my own guitars and once to someone else's, and even though the wiring came out perfectly, the results were lackluster. For the price of the push/pull pots, and the time spent rewiring the pickups and guitar, you're not getting much in the way of usable sounds. They're mostly novel sounds, perhaps usable briefly for effect, but to me very few of them sounded good.

The wiring scheme was added to Jimmy's guitars after Led Zeppelin - the sounds you hear on the albums and live shows are all Jimmy messing with the controls on a standard Les Paul configuration with 50s wiring. I know it sounds weird, but that tone wiring setup seems to give you a few more sounds when both pickups are on. They seem to interact better. The good news is, it's super easy to convert to 50s wiring and all you need to buy is about a foot of wire.

So, go ahead and do the Jimmy Page wiring. People do it all the time, it's not going to ruin your guitar, and you might like the results. Just be prepared to not like the results, and perhaps be disappointed if you paid a significant amount of money for the change. A great set of pickups and a solid understanding of how to manipulate the controls will get you a lot more usable tones than this wiring setup.
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Yeah, you're probably right. I've looked on Youtube, and the sounds don't seem THAT great really. I am just a big Jimmy Page fan, so it sorta sounded like it was gunna be all win. Thanks.