I recently downloaded, installed and registered Amplitube 3. I'm running my guitar sound into the computer using my Crate Profiler as a analog to digital converter. I'm not using an effects or anything else.

Once I start up Amplitube, I set it up so that it used my Crate to get into the computer (via a USB cable). It sounded like shit. I adjusted the buffer rate (under "Audio Midi Setup") repeatedly only to find that latency got longer (worse) as the sound quality got better.

How in the hell am I supposed to make this thing sound decent and not sound like it's coming from a mile and a half away?!

And before you ask, I DID plug my guitar directly into my soundcard, and got the same result as above.
I don't know man. I'm having serious gain issues with my copy. Can't get anything to sound good.
Buying a decent USB interface should solve your problem, or maybe it's just Amplitube ? Although when I had it running on my old PC I thought it sounded fine

Edit: Well to be specific I was running Amplitube Metal, but still
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Does your computer match the minimum specs of Amplitude?

If not, then there is nothing you could do to fix the problem.



ASIO4ALL is pretty much essential when you are dealing with audio programs.
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I'm running mine through an Mbox into Pro Tools. It's as if there's not enough signal into the program. Sounds like my volume pot is turned halfway down. All distorted presets sound weak as hell.
are you set for instrument in/balanced out?
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It's probably the crate, buy an interface, plug straight in, turn the amp's to about 4, mess with the mic position's (and don't use the SM57 mic it doesn't sound good imo to fizzy and weak), set the room mic to closest or what ever the smallest room option is and set the level to half for the room mic's, make's it sound real.
The Crate has a USB interface for direct digital recording. He's describing a latency problem.
The ASIO4ALL helped a lot, but now there's a very small but noticeable latency... Is there a way to get rid of this or do I have to just deal with it?
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The ASIO4ALL helped a lot, but now there's a very small but noticeable latency... Is there a way to get rid of this or do I have to just deal with it?

It's physically impossible to get rid of Latency but getting an Interface might help. If you're down to around 5ms I wouldn't concern yourself with trying to get it lower. Most Pro studios usually have big, expensive interfaces attached to the computer via a PCU slot which produces next-to-no latency.