I bought this amp on ebay after hearing good things, and I found a great deal. Haven't received it just yet, but I was wondering what a good replacement tube would be for general metal. I'll be using EMG 81/85s in a Schecter, and a 2001 Gibson V with the stock 500t or whatever and a '59hb.
No point in replacing the tube in it. Im not sure you even can. Its not a tube like you would expect in an actual valve amp, its really more of a marketing scheme to play off a tube in their amp when its not a true valve amp.

Dont get me wrong the VTs are nice amps just there is no point in replacing the tube.
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The only tube it has is a tiny 12ax7 in the preamp section so it's not really worth it to replace it.
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It does do some subtle eq change here and there, but it's nothing so distinguishable as to say..."night and day" difference.
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The tube is just supposed to give it more of a tube-like response to players hands, but it's not like playing a true tube amp. Sure, it'll get you closer than other solid states, but I'm not sure changing the tube would help.
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