I've got only 25.5 and 24.75

I do not like one over the other. It doesn't matter to me, honestly.
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I prefer 24.75...makes bends a little easier and everything seems a little more accessible.
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I think they look weird, I like guitars like long necks, and basses.
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I prefer the added tension and finger room of a 25.5 scale neck.
Quote by W4RP1G
I prefer the added tension and finger room of a 25.5 scale neck.

I have two 25.5" scale guitars and one 25" scale and even with the half inch difference I can safely agree with you. Not that it's a big step, though.
I prefer 25.5" guitars. But I have a soft spot for 24" guitars with single coils. I love the tone but I'm not a fan of their size. I also have a soft spot for 30" guitars. But when it comes to playability, nothing beats a 25.5" guitar.
I don't like anything about short scales. That said, I don't really like long scales either. 25.5" is almost perfect, IMO. 26" might be a little more ideal for me, but w/e.

It's mostly just about the amount of space for your fingers on the higher frets.
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As a man with rather small hands, 24 is perfect. Hopefully getting myself a Jaguar in the next few weeks, depending what pops up on ebay. But yeah I currently have a 25.5 and I struggle to hold bar chords in the first kinda 6 frets, and don't even get me started on stretching. 3 frets is like max, and i cramp really easy in my hands. So Shortscale, for me, is the way to go

and offworld, it's fair enough you dont like them, 24 is pretty useless for downtuning unless you wanna use like .014s. (saw the bands and gear in your sig)
The way it works is like you subtract two, so if you put 12's on a 24, its like 11s on a 24.75 and 10's on a 25.5.
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I use 25" and 24.75" ATM. Thinking if I get a full custom made sometime I might go for a 24", like Brian May's Red Special. Maybe bump it down to a 23.5 or lower. I have somewhat small hands for a guy.
Lowest I'll use is 25.5". I would prefer probably 26.5 or 26 on a 6 string, and I use 27" on my 7. But since I played the Ibby RGD 7 string, I think 26.5" would suit it as well.

I hate short scale. It feels too tiny.
I don't like them. I have a 27" and a 25.5", and after playing so long on the 27", my 25.5" feels tiny. The frets are too close together higher on the neck, it's too awkward for my big fingers. Plus I don't like the tone of any string on it below C. I couldn't go below 27" in future, unless it was multiscaled. I'm going so far as to give my 25.5" to my nephew.
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Its funny. My 69 Mustang Comp is a shortscale and it doesnt bother me a bit. I change from it to any of my other "standard" length guitar with no issue. It plays just as easy as any of my others as well. Its just a matter of feel I guess. It bothers some. Try one and see for yourself.
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i prefer the smaller scales because of the fret spacing. i cant really stretch my pinky 16 frets gilbert style so.

i have 25,5 and 24,75 atm and i prefer the 24,75 really because of the stretching. not that i hate 25,5 i like that too but just prefer smaller scale.
I define short-scale guitars as anything with a shorter scale than the one Gibson uses (so basically, 24" or smaller is short-scale to me).

What I don't like:
Downtuning is more difficult.

What I DO like: I can tune UP to G# standard.
I have small, childish hands, so the shorter stretches on short-scales are a lot more comfortable. But I often like the snappy, atmospheric ring on a 25.5" scale. I find musicality usually prevails over comfort, so I use guitars of different scale lengths for different tonal colours.
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One day I will know how to play jazz and buy a 23.5" Gibson Byrdland to make all the stretches easier.
I like the neck on my mustang the best of any guitar I've played, 25.5 feels too big for me now, and I'm 6 feet tall with big hands haha
I dislike the shorter scale

I like that its a guitar

(/half-assed trolling. never owned/played a short scale guitar.)
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