I know the site is called Ultimate Guitars but I have discovered anything beyond 4 strings just makes my brain confused. Because of this, I have a now un-natural love of ukulele's. I have four (including an 8 string tenor) and I really love learning songs I like on my ukes, and this site has the best consistent chord tabs that I have found.

I have noticed that when I hover over a chord name, a very helpful pop up appears showing the fingering of the chord. I am wondering if subscribing to Tab Pro will give me the ability to change the instrument / tuning for what shows up. This is my favorite feature over at chordie.com, but it takes forever for pages to load there and half the stuff they show is pulled from your site anyways.

I looked around in the preview but didn't notice any mention of it. If this *is* an option, I will be signing up for a year membership tonight If it is not, is it perhaps something that would be considered for future implementation?

Thanks in advance for the info, and a great big thanks for the site even existing. Keep up the fantastic work.