Sounds pretty cool. The guitar does have that super bright quality, but that's not bad, I like that sound. The vocals sound good, the whole song is written pretty well and all flows pretty well also. For some reason your voice reminds me of the guy from Green Day a little bit. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, considering they're so popular.

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Thanks for the feedback guys..i think it sounds so bright bcuz i recorded line out or w.e you call it...and ive gotten green day thing before haha. But its not on purpose xD. I actually got to play guitar with green day at their concert in Miami in 2009. In front of 10,000+ people. Oh yeahhh. Check it
P.S Brendie
Making it on my own
I get where you green day thing comes from since some of your phasings sounds like him and the lead singer from incubus. Overall is was a good song and I like the change in vocal style when the chorus comes in, the only thing is right before the last chorus it sounded more like you were ready for the song to be over with than building up for the end of the song making it come off as though the song peaked in the begin and bottomed out in the end

Again it was a good song and you have a really nice tone to your voice
When you get a chance you can check out my stuff https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1484914