(Verse 1)
In life, you have to come to terms with yourself
Stop walking down the street like you be somebody else
The universe has made you what it wants you to be
So jump up off the wagon and strive to be free

(Verse 2)
You have to fly high, but keep your feet on the ground
Stop ducking under covers, make your very own sound
If other's poking fun, blow 'em off and keep walking
'Cause in your own time, you'll have 'em gawking and squawking

So be what you believe to be
Start showing others who you are and make them believe
Be a seagull flying high above
The shallow waters of perception on where you belong

(Verse 3)
The obstacles of life could cut you open like a knife
With a blade so sharp, it could cut you up thrice
Fit in with others like a square peg in round holes
And watch all your non-believers at your show, first row
Plug up your guitar, check your mic, 1, 2
Blow away all the doubt with your very first tune
Show your soul through your music, rock out and have fun
And at the end of the day, you will always overcome

So, be true to who you really are
If you don't hit the moon, you'll still land among the stars
And should you live to tell the tale,
You can proudly stand and say that you were never for sale

(Chant Outro)
Clap your hands if you stand for the power of self (x8)
It's not pointless, dammit! It's ABSURD!
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AWESOME!! i love how it gives us a moral message. and lyrics are good way to give us the message. i also like the chant at the end. i would love to hear the recording. keep up the good work.
Thanks, man! Recordings should be up not too long from now for the guitar and vocals, at least.
It's not pointless, dammit! It's ABSURD!