I am asking for help choosing a tube guitar combo for playing at home (would be nice to use it for playing with a drummer in a garage occasionally).
I have been using V-Amp 2 amp and cabinet modeller, and it had lots of good
sounds, so I got used to them. But now I want a real thing. I think I liked most "British Hi-Gain" model (I don't remember, but I think it was modelled on Marshall JCM-800) for distorted channel.

I don't want a compromise 1 watt amp that's made to be played only at home with cardboard walls, though. I've tried Blackstar HT1, and the sound was too tiny for me... I generally don't like tiny speakers that even when they are screaming at the highest possible volume, sound tiny. I tried Laney Cub12 15 w, which had also a ">1w" input channel (that makes it sound like a 1 watt) - it sounded like a real guitar amp (much better than HT1). So I think best would be 15 w amp. I tried 30 w Laney, and it was too loud even at a very low volume.

First of all, I have to highlight, that RELIABILITY of an amp is a TOP priority for me. I won't be buying an amp that suits my sound "wishes", but is prone to breaking down. I don't want to go through that stress and frustration that are caused when the only amp I own breaks down and I have to bring it to the store (or worse - spend a fortune on sending it back to a shop in another country) and wait for a long time until I am able to play again. I don't see a reasonable reason to buy an amp that's one of the features is breaking down. I want a GOOD thing.

Gear: Tokai LS75 (now it's probably 92) - Les Paul copy. I have Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, but I may be buying something else - it's not my favourite thing. I like how it sounds on Nirvana's Nevermind, but I guess its sounding good or bad strongly depends on the amp used, so... Maybe I would even like to switch to some overdrive pedal.

Genres? Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin (a bit of Black Sabbath) + 80s thrash metal + Nirvana. I am not after a brutal death metal or metalcore sound. I would sometimes play something like Death (Chuck Schuldiner's), but I heard he used DS-1 on "Human" album, so I don't really need an amp to be able to have that death distortion.
I need a good clean almost as much as I need a good distorted sound. I also like playing clean with a bit of crunch, slightly distorted.

Budget: 405 EUR. Could add 100 EUR for a REALLY good stuff. Or could maybe even add 150, if it made my dreams come true, but I really doubt it's possible.

I want a NEW (not used), just because it's easier to find a new amp than look for a used one.

I'm in a small country in European Union. Either I'm buying in my local store (can order from their suppliers), either from the internet (don't know much stores, though...).

I am strongly interested in Marshall Class 5 - I haven't heard it, but Jimi, The Who, even Metallica at some point were using them, and my favourite V-Amp preset was modelled on Marshall... So I don't know...
I tried Laney Cub12 and VC15-110 - it was good for clean, but the overdrive channel did not really fit my image of what I want (although if I may not be able to get what I imagine, maybe I could get used to that) - it lacked bottom end (in my opinion)...
I read your post and thought that i wrote it myself. I listen to the exact same genres and play the same music.
I use a Stratocaster MIM and just recently bought a Fender blues junior. 15w tube amp.
It sounds really nice and clean, think RHCP clean sound.
The only downside is that you cant get that really distorted sound, even with full gain. I bought a Boss DS-1 and i'm going to pick it up next week. I think that with that pedal i will have the sound i want.

Search youtube and u can listen to a fender blues junior with that pedal and see how it sounds.

Before i bought the blues junior i was thinking about buying the Orange tiny terror combo. If u like the british dirty hi-gain sound maybe that is what you are looking for?

When i tried the blues junior with the boss ds-1 I can write my opinions on it.... if i remember.
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