hey everyone im thinking of a relativley small device half size of a laptop or so that i can put on stage with me and press a button to play some recorded stuff ive already got on there?

even better would be if i could play somthing then play that bit straight back to me

i hope someone knows what im talking about!
BOSS RC-2 Loop Station would be an option. This might be better of in the Gear and Accessories Forum but hey...
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yeah somthing like that would be good but i want somthing that i can put like electronic music on the computer in reason and such and then hit play at certain points in the song and have it play over the top
You seem to be thinking "I'd better make the same thread in every subforum"
sorry smb it is really important and i was unsure what forum would be best for it
Ah sorry man. Sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone is a guitarist in this forum!