Hey guys,

I am a complete nooby when it comes to anything hardware related on a guitar so I come to you begginf for help.

The intonation is out for my Ibanez S470 series guitar, but only on the highest 2 strings. I determined this using the standard open and fretted tuning test.

I want to fix it, but as this guitar has a whammy system with what I believe to be a different bridge setup to most guitars, I was wondering what I should do.

Any help appreciated.

To do it right you'll need to get a piece of wood or anything really and put it behind the tremolo block. You'll loosen the springs so that the string tension pulls on the tremolo and pressure holds the block in place. Do your set up and then tighten the springs just until the block is loose enough to be removed.

There may also be other methods. You may even be able to just intonate those 2 strings without doing any of this.

Remember: if the fretted note is flat then you have to move the saddle forward.