I never played them since they are quite hard to come by where I live, but I heard a lot of good things about them. Also Greg Howe plays a laguna so that's got to count for something.
The mid to upper-level Lagunas are very good guitars. They play well and the construction is solid. Some bemoan the fact that they don't have OFR bridges, but you could always swap out the licensed Floyd for an Original. Yes, they'd be fine for those genres. The LE924 is particularly good,.

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i've played several models at GC and found them to be really nice guitars for the money. might want to consider a pickup change as the stock ones are kinda generic sounding (not bad but nothing special)
Do you think they are better than Ibanez's in the same price range?



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Quote by breakstuff
Do you think they are better than Ibanez's in the same price range?

depends on the model. i'd say they are just as good but Ibby makes some really nice guitars so hard call.
My experience with Laguna is mixed. A while back I ordered a quilted maple top version.

These guitars are supposed to be setup and inspected at their headquarters in the US. However the guitar I got only had quilting 1/3rd of the way up from the bottom, then the grain straightened out. Plus it had uneven frets. That made me feel like they didn't setup or inspect it at all.

I sent the guitar back for a refund, then contacted Laguna about it to politely express my displeasure and suggest they may want to increase their quality control. They were very responsive and friendly and offered to pay for me to ship the guitar to them and they would send me a replacement, but I had already sent my guitar back for a refund at that point, so I just thanked them for their time and consideration.