I found the ug app in the market months ago. Bought it and luv it. Has definitely expanded my playing. I recently found a hedges tab (bensusan) and dug in. As I got into it I noticed that the tab was not accurate in many of the measures so I decided to tab it myself. I spent many many hours working this tune out and painstakingly formatting the tab from scratch in notepad to submit. Twice it has been denied. Why? I thought maybe cuz i had included some helpful notes in the tab, although many tabs have this. I removed them and resubmitted only to be denied again. My understanding is submissions are reviewed by members yet there are 2 powertab versions that made it and are GROSSLY FLAWED. I promise this thread is intended not to criticize the site or others tabs, rather to gain understanding on your policies. Please respond as i've invested many hours now between settting up my profile and submitting my tab offering. At the moment i'm feeling discouraged. Thank you in advance for any insight.
Hi emad. Thanks for responding, however I did this step before posting. I don't see the reason I violated to get denied. Could you personally review my tab and tell me what's wrong? Compare it against the only other text tab posting and see the differences. Also the 2 power tab postings are so wrong that its hard to believe that someone reviewed it and accepted it. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.