I never really though about this but is it necessary to tune drums to the key of a song especially in rock music? WHen I am playing with a solo drum track should I need to know what the drums are tuned at?
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Not exactly

Drum tunings can have an impact on the sound of a song but as I am aware there is no need to tune a kit to a specific key, that would have mad implications for a live set, the kit would need to be re-tuned every song!
No, you never need to do that. Tuning a drum is more for a type of sound you want really. Also, tuning them to different keys is more to make a distinctness between all of your toms and snare pitches.
no people just tend to tune the drums so they give the sound and response they want. however, i have heard songs with a drum intro and sometimes i find when the music comes in, it should have been in a different key. but generally, you just tune for performance and tone. some drummers i think like to tune to a certain pitch, but not because of a song.