Hey man, nice cover. Really accurate and tight playing, nice work with the main riff, it is really hard. Did you play it with alternate or only down- picking? However, the tone is good for me, it is better than mine, haha. You have good technique, looking forward to hear something more from you. Oh, and regards for playing this awesome song

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_DgCl0O_Gc I have a cover of "Wreckage", you can check it if you are interested man, thanks
Thanks man! And on that riff, I like to use alternate picking. I can play it using down picking, but I think I get a cleaner sound the other way. As for yours, very good playing and video editing, I wish I could do that. Haha. It sounds like your guitar tone is clipping though, especially the lead sound. Maybe try taking a little off the input and adding just a very small bit of compression to tighten it up? But other than that, very nice cover! Btw, whats your recording method?
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Thanks man! Yeah, my biggest problem is the tone, but I just can't adjust in the right way, maybe because my amps, I don't know, haha. Hope it sounds good tho. And, believe me, the editing process its not that hard - I started doing things like that a few weeks ago. And about my recording - right me PM in youtube and I'll explain you everything with the details.