I desperately need a new amp because my old one is a POS at best. My current amp is the same one I have been using since I began playing about 10 years ago and now that i consider myself an intermediate guitarist, it's about time to get a new one. I need to find the best amp possible under $500. I have a 2005 Fender American Ash Deluxe and I play just about everything from jam band to rap (I refuse to play country). I want something with an equally good clean and distorted sound. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks- Brad
People are going to rag on me for hell for this since it's not tube, but the Valvetronix series of amps by Vox actually have some pretty sick tones.

Unless you're looking for a stack of some sort, in which case you probably need to save some more.
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Money is an issue right now so I realistically can only spend about $400. I wouldn't be buying one but after 10 years i think it's about time to upgrade.