I am hoping to build a guitar using one of those kits. I don't have a great budget (£150ish) but I've narrowed it down to two.




The cheaper one would mean I could do more with it (including putting a humbucker in the bridge). I'd put a humbucker in either guitars but seeing as the cheaper one is... well cheaper, I could get a better one.

Any thoughts as to which I should get and why?
You couldn't put a humbucker in any of those, unless you dug out room for it. You could just get stacked single coils though. As for the difference between the two, it looks as if the cheaper has a slanted single coil at the bridge.
yeh, sorry forgot to say that. i'll be using a stacked single.

I've just got in the bad habbit of calling them humbuckers. Its irritating me.
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