We are Versus The Collective. Progressive metal from Kansas City. This is our demo that we had done last year and are currently working on finishing up our debut album set to be out in spring. I'll C4C. I just want to know what you guys think. What could be improved, what you like. I know the vocal quality is bad in some places, but these are very rough recordings. So please try and see past that.




Very good actually. Have the guitar a little higher in the mix (on the first one) and it'll be perfect.
Very nice, you guys are pretty damn good. I do agree with the first comment of the first link you posted about the vocals though(I do like his style and screams), otherwise its awesome
Right on! Thanks guys! Like I said, these are our rough demos and the quality will be way better after they are mixed and mastered. We have decided to change a couple things so the songs will be a little bit different on the finished album than they are recorded here. Thanks again for checkin it out!

Check out our facebook page for more up to date posts and pics!


Wow, normally i don't expect much from these promote your own band posts, but you guys are pretty damn good, At first i wasn't too into the scream vocals, but as the song played on i got more and more into it. Not that it's a bad scream though. Awesome work, looking forward to hearing an album from you guys.

Heres my bands forum post: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1434768

Also if you could Like us on FB as well the link is, www.facebook.com/dreamerswtf, we Just released our ep 'Shenanigans which is currently sitting at #43 on the Metal charts after 3 days since it's release.
Right on man! I dig the shit out of Dreamers! Great party metal! If you haven't already, check out Return From Exile. You guys remind me of them. I appreciate you checkin it out and glad you dig it! I gave you guys a "like" on facebook and recommended to a lot of people! The EP is killer by the way! If you ever come through Kansas let us know! It would be sweet to meet all you dudes!
-Josh {bass} VTC
sorry dude, but this is one of those examples that make me go like:
wtf, they make metal, but how come that I don;t wanna destroy anything even for 1 second..

respect, but not METAL for me , not in a 1000 years.

Not too sure I understand what you're saying. I think you are saying we aren't metal because we don't make you, "wanna destroy anything..." I appreciate the "respect", but could you elaborate please?