well i hold pick with my thumb and middle finger, like almost nobody does that, but im cool with it
Well, it's Iron Maiden... Anything Maiden is good, so yes :P

How could it be dangerous? it's not like your playing your guitar with one hand on a unicycle on the tip of empire state building during a thunderstorm... Or are you?
some picking styles could easily result in injury in the long run.

Finding my own picking technique is what got me into this mess. Im asking if this is a good style to replicate because i watch and listen to a lot of this guitarist.
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paul gilbert for the win

Adrian smiths style actually looks very similar to pauls
I think if your thumb bends backwards comfortably, that's a safe style to emulate. Mine doesn't do that and I had trouble with Shawn's style. Paul Gilbert has a really "standard" picking style that will work for pretty much everyone, and that's what I usually advise.
Paul gilbert, chris boradrick, John Petrucci,

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