I've heard a lot of negative things about concepts albums. Stuff like they suck, people hate them, they sell badly. Is this true with majority of concept albums? Because the few that I've heard are actually some of my favorite albums. Also another question, what are some of your favorite concept albums? Mine would be The Crimson Idol (W.A.S.P), 2112 (Rush) and Abigail (King Diamond).
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Total bogus, just look at Pink Floyd's albums. Nuff said.
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Concept albums are the best.
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The Mars Volta's Deloused in the Comatorium hit 39th on the top 200, and Frances the Mute topped out at number 4. That's pretty successful considering they are both newer concept albums.
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whitechapel's "the somatic defilement" is a concept album about jack the ripper, it's pretty sick cuz what jack the ripper did really works for the lyrics of death metal/deathcore. my favorite whitechapel album

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