I got a small bottle of Planet Waves string cleaner/lubricant and I'm wondering how often I should use it, and how much at a time?
Whenever they get dirty you lube them.
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every time you change strings, don't use so much that the fretboard wood has little pools of it collecting on its surface
shit i'm thinking lemon/mineral oil; i'd say once a week if you are playing everyday
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read the packet..?

It only says how to put it on, not how often or how much.

i'd say never

i tried fast fret once and that stuff was horrible
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i'd say never

i tried fast fret once and that stuff was horrible

This. Your strings are probably due for change by the time they get dirty anyway.

Unless you often play with messy hands, in which case wash your damn hands, that's nasty.
I can't speak for planet waves, because I've never tried that one specifically, but it's a good idea to clean your strings after each use. It's the most effective way to prevent dirt build up and extend the life. I'm not a big fan of oils as I think they just add more gunk in the long run. Check out The String Cleaner by tonegear. I use it after each time I play and I've noticed a big difference
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i've had dunlop string cleaner for years and I only use it maybe once a month. (i only change my strings once every two months or so. (I don't get to play it all day anymore, maybe an hour a day, and I always wash my hands before playing.)
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My sweat is very corrosive to strings, so i have to wipe them down and oil them every time i pick the damn thing up to help stop them corroding.
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