C# standard.
First off, use the enharmonics (sharps instead of flats). It's easier that way. So the tuning is C# F# B E G# C#.
Second, the intervals between each string are the same as E standard (E A D G B E), so it's a standard tuning.
And the lowest string is a C#. So it's C# standard. Incidentally, I'm using that same tuning right now.
Yea just deleted that post lol the flats threw me off, and I posted too quickly haha
yeah i was confused for a second too by the flats. i don't know anyone you classifies tunings in flats
Well, some people who have some amount of classical training do it for some tunings. For example, I'd spell out a C tuning as C F Bb Eb G C instead of C F A# D# G C. It's because those notes are all in a C minor scale, which has three flats, so the notes are spelled with flats instead of sharps.