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6 75%
2 25%
Voters: 8.
1v1 contest: short poem.
theme: guilt

may the best poem win!

Edit: forgot to say this is for 3 points!

Between a rock and a memorial (Epitaph for morality)

I couldn't help it - she has
a beautiful face; though nameless.
I like to pretend I'm doing
the right thing (keeping them
all at arm's length). If I try
hard enough I'm sure I can
justify it,
but the truth is: You don't
defile a person
and get away with it.



ive forgotten.
i begin to breathe regret.
the maggots come.

i recall.
i get to growing old.
the time to die.

i am rotten.
i start to stink remorse.
the flies arrive.

can you ever forgive me?
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