Hi, newbie question but I am just starting out and learning to play Beatles Tabs. I have an epiphone les paul 100. Is there settings to recommend to get the right sound? For example should I just tune it standard? play both pickups or one? Thanks for any help.
Both pickups, slight overdrive for rhythm. Emphasis on SLIGHT. Use the bridge pickup for early solos, some of the later stuff will sound better on the neck for smoothness.
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when I play the A string it seems to last too long (the vibration/sound) I have reverb down but not sure what to adjust, Im playing in my life and I hit the first chord well, but the open A sound lasts too long after Ive moved on to the next chords. Any ideas? i know the two knobs adjust each pickup but what exactly does adjusting the tone do ? I tried volume, tone knobs but it can get it to not last forever
Palm mute?
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