hello...first off let me say im a total beginner. ive tried learning guitar a few times and everytime i have had to give it up...not enough time to play, frustration, kids. im a busy person chasing after 2 small children (1 and 3) and a full time job working 40-50 hours a week. lately ive been having trouble with left hand placement. i tend to mute strings that are enxt to my ring finger, dont matter where it is. ive tried curling my fingers more, moving my hand around. i usually have my thumb on the back of the neck like ive seen and read in videos/ books. im also having a hard time getting steady time to play. is there anything i cando to "speed" up the muscle memory? its like i know what i have to do i just can never get to the guitar to do it. if my kids are around they just wont let me be. my wife hates my playing cuz im so bad and i play the same things over and over. should i just give up? im really at a crossroads. i would love to be able to play but im affraid without the proper time everyday im just toturing myslef. is there any lessons that i could do that are designed for playing every few days?
3 times a week with say 30-60 minutes of practice should yield (slow) visible results. Obviously for you efficient practice is key. If you are learning a song for instance, really only practice the parts that give you trouble, as playing things you can already play for you are a waste of time. Also things that give you difficulty should be learned slow and sped up. I think there is hope for you though.
i sure hope so. i wish i could get a decent teacher but livin in the boonies means a 1 hour drive to a crummy teacher who charges 50 an hour.
Like the above, practice things you find difficult slowly. Then in one session a week, try to speed up a bit and just enjoy it more. Soon you'll look forward to the final session, because you'll see the weeks slow practice pay off and you'll enjoy it much more. Make sure you know you're progressing, because you will be. It just may not seem like it sometimes.
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