i have an itch to get an acoustic but i dont wanna drop alot of money...just curious how much i should look to spend for somehting to learn basic stuff on.
Can't go wrong with a takamine, i picked up a G220 NEX for £120

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I got a sweet Yamaha for about £100. Go to a music shop and literally, play EVERYTHING in the place. You have the luxury of knowing your price range and being able to hear exactly how they'll sound and feel right there and then without dicking around with amps. Check for the usual bits and bobs but have a vague idea what you're looking for.
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thats the thing i know nothing about what to look for. the only guitar i got was form craigs list for like 50$. i didnt wanna invest alot in case this didnt stick with me. i find that getting the amp going is very annoying. i actually prefer the sound of the acoustic but couldnt find antying cheap except those ones at walmart and im sure those are worthless...
The Yamaha F310 is the popular starter guitar, the FG700S or FG700MS if you want to spend a little more.

But if you've already got an electric, you might as well just use that. If you're still playing guitar 2 months from now, look at new guitars then.

You might find the video linked to below helpful.

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I started learning how to play about 2 months ago. I have a Yamaha FG-400, I don't know much about guitars yet but it sounds great and I think its a pretty good guitar to learn on.