One song I really dig and want to learn to play is Prince's "Purple Rain", and since I play bass I'd like to learn it on bass naturally enough. UG only lists some guitar tabs, does anyone know where to get one for the bass? I've done a bit of searchin' but have yet to find one. Any help would be much apperciated
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If the bass is similar could you sort of pick out a fairly coherent bassline by following the guitar tabs or does the basslien differ too much from the guitar?
I've only started recently playing and am not to keen on music theory, I find it difficult to kinda piece together bass parts from just listening to the song.
"And then the weather turned to bullsh*t"
What I mean is, look at guitar tabs and play those on the bass, that way at least you'd have a bassline that fits the song, though it might not essentially be the one from the recording.