I was recently critisized by many of
my old friends for abandoning them
and never sending them letters. They
said that I never held an address long
enough for ones they write me
to be received.

Their addresses never change. I told
them that's what makes them so easy to
distance myself from.

They'd ask me what I'm running from.
I told them I didn't like the word "from."
I like "to," better.
Wow...this sums up my life for the past few months....running away from some old demons and friends....to a new destination....I like this....thumbs up...
I haz gotten gud
I don't think I much like the concept behind this.
The big shocker at the end was more meh than anything, and I didn't feel any power behind it. I felt like the middle stanza was just filler, and the first stanza could have been said in fewer words.

Idk, I generally like your stuff, but not so much this one.
You're right. This was written mostly because I haven't written in a while and felt like it. It's not my normal stuff. It's not as "me." Thanks for pointing that out, man.