I've done some research on this field of hospitality and would like to know about the bartenders of The Pit and their experience in the job!

From what I've read, it's difficult to get a job bartending without experience and so, many will start out as a barback. If so, what was this experience like for you? I'm keen to work at a bar for the following reasons (that I perceive)

-No underage little shits
-By the time customers have had a few, they're generally friendly
-I won't ruin my nails (compared to working in Fast Food anyway)
-Apparently the pay is great
-Get to socialise!

But really, what's the truth of working as a bartender? I understand that it can get highly busy and stressful having over 9000 people waiting on you but this is definitely something I think I will enjoy doing if given the chance to learn.
It depends on where you get a job bartending. I've bartended at hotels and that can be good and bad. I've bartended at venues and that is usually awesome. I've bartended at restaurants and that is pretty crappy. People aren't usually nice when they're drunk and at a bar though. Drunk and at a party yes. At a bar they want their drink strong. If they don't feel it's strong enough they get pissed and you can only give them so much because you'll get in trouble by your boss and if they are drunk and get into a wreck after they leave it's your fault. You can get sued and lose your license. Bartending is fun. It's also not as easy as people think it is. Women usually have an easier time than men but it still can be more of a hassle than it's worth.
I can mix a bitchin drink, my friends usually have me make drinks.

But I wouldn't want to bar tend at most places, just because I don't like dealing with most drunks, and I don't know when to cut someone off until it's too lateXD
depends where i was working

In a bar:

Pay shit.
People shit but no too obnoxious.
don't like being sticky.
had an ok boss.

In a club:

Pay shit but with some decent drunken tips
awful music, too loud that doesn't change from week to week.
customers are absolute ****ing bell ends.

also, i'm a boy and i got groped way to much. it's just kind of horrible. as i girl i would think it would be worse.

That said, seeing bouncers chuck them out is pretty great.

So yeah, if you like that kind of socialising it's great but i think you're likely to find that work =/= socialising and that the pays shit.

still as jobs go it's not the worst. except for when you have to unblock toilets. *shudder*
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I was a waiter in two big clubs in the weekend for a few years. I wasn't even 17 when I started.

It is a good way to get in touch with the ladies.
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I have a few friends that have been doing it for a while, and they seem to like it. I've also talked to quite a few bartenders over the years, and most of them seemed to like it too.
It's ok.

Wouldn't want it to be my full time job though.
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Its a great experience if the place isnt a drag but involves having to be a friend, babysitter, and hardass while keeping your composure the entire night. Some nights are hectic, but overall i love my job. Anyone around central Texas should come have a drink or two at the Whisky River.
I used to be a bartender, it's stressful work when it's absolutely packed. When it's calm then it's cool. Although it all depends on if you work in a club or a pub/bar. I worked in a pub.
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I started as a bartender at my local pub. It was pretty easy, all you had to do was pour beer and mix basic spirits. It payed well too, and was pretty easy, even when it was busy.

However we turned more classy, and i moved onto being a main waiter...

But definitely go for bartending. Taught me a bit about wines and spirits too
I used to be, I'm not working there anymore. The gig was alright, but long shifts were murder on the legs. Enjoyed it though.
I've kept festival and concert bars at many big/small/semi-corporate/un-organised folkie gatherings. I find it's fun, though that relies a lot on your own attitude or persona.

If you're cheerful and enthusiastic and doing (occasional) silly shenanigans like dancing around, playing the fool or whatever, the punters keep coming back and tend to be forgiving, and the boss wants you there. But if you're not paying attention to what needs to be done (not just serving, but keeping house etc), or just getting in the way, or apathetic, you become a bit of a drain on everyone else and I suspect it wouldn't be so enjoyable or welcoming.

I've never worked in a 'normal' bar but I plan to get my full NSW ticket for when I go to uni down south in the new year, and make it a more prominent part of my odd jobs list.

Major advantages are that you get to enjoy the music/company/fun/pay (whatever you're there for) without getting drunk. Parties sans hangovers, blackouts, vomit (your own, at least...) and plus money.

EDIT: Disadvantages, courtesy of the above poster - legs. Oh, the legs. It can be quite exhausting. But still fun! The other thing to watch is if they've designed the bartop badly, especially if you're short, because then you have to lean and stretch every drink you serve, which is a killer on your back.
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