Hey guys, first time posting in the cover section. This song is a small compilation of Final Fantasy 7 songs. I shortened them considerably because most of them just repeat infinitely.


The song contains:

Aerith's Theme (Aeris)
J-e-n-o-v-a (I tried to keep it different from bulbs cover)
Those Who Fight (Aka the enemy encounter song)

Look them up if you want to compare to the originals if you have never played the game. Other than that give me some feedback on what I did, good or bad. And of course C4C.

UPDATE: As of 11/24, soon I will start re-recording this song with a bass vst and better transitions. Hopefully I can keep the overall feel of it.
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Pretty damned cool, man. What'd you use to get the drum samples?
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all in all, not bad at all. Each song sounded great. The only problem I really had with it was the transitions. I don't know if you wanted it to be a traditional medley, but if so, you just have to arrange the songs so sound good transisting to each other. The recordings were great, the songs were arranged very nicely. Just work on the transitions and it'll be grand
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It was actually pretty hard to set everything up and learning the songs, some of it by ear. So pretty much didn't even want to think about making the songs go together. But probably in a day or so I will work on the transitioning. Shouldn't be too hard, i usually am pretty good at making odd things go together from my original songs.
hey man very well done!ff7 is one of my favourite games of all time and has one of the most memorable soundtrack.you brought some good memories back thx for that
those who fight further and the boss theme are my favourite ones

Hey man, awesome work! It seems you have some sense for music, because, how it was said, everything is arranged very appropriate. I like it. The mixing sounds just perfect to me, as a professional recording, my regards for recording all the instruments. Again, pretty good stuff man, keep going!

C4C? Check the link in my signature
wow i like them very much!! awesome guitar tones! very full what did you use for them (guitar and recording method)??, i like the "space" of the mix , maybe the bass could have been a bit louder (or there isn't any bass at all?). Those who fight was awesome with all the different voices and panning. Guitar perfectly tuned. In conclusion: 9,5 (because a little more low end would have been great)!!

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Hey there

You know, I've always loved Final Fantasy, but I never played FF7, but I know the music

I think you did great! I really like J-e-n-o-v-a and those who fight, and the recording is great, what did you use?

Also, for the transitions, you could try and blend the songs, to make it more natural
And great playing and tone,you said you learned it by ear? Awesome but you could try One Winged Angel (It's my favorite xD)

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1485807
Hey man !
Really great job, the overall recording is well built and sounds pretty good !
And of course, it's always interesting to hear some "different" covers like those
Wow, this cover was pretty good, very nice quality. I think it needs a bass guitar, that way it will sound more powerful.
The songs were arranged pretty well but I think you abused a little with the harmonies.
I must say i love the Jenova song, the original and your cover.
Keep it going man!
C4C ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1483382
Yeah man, I was a little overly obsessed with the harmonies. I really need a bass, if not just a synthesized bass sound.

Thanks a lot guys, these crits are actually helping me with my next covers.
This is brilliant, man. The tone, mixing, harmonies and everything is just perfect. I'd really like to know what recording methods and equipment you used to get such a beautiful sound. All in all, I honestly have nothing bad to say about it except for the fact that I can't really hear much bass. Awesome job, man.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1486120
Basically all I used was Reaper and a Toneport UX1. For all of the rhythm guitar parts I double tracked far left and right. For lead harmonies I panned 80% left and right. And all the single solo leads I either used 20% left or right, alternating to get a small different perspective for each solo. I'm just starting to learn eq's and I didn't want to mess the mix up. So i used little to no eq.
Thanks for the crit mate. I've never actually played FF7 and I'm not familiar with the soundtrack so it's a little hard for me to crit properly.

It sounds really nice though, it could really do with some bass though, I think that'd greatly improve the piece. The guitar tones are really good though, harmonies sound great, and the drums are pretty good. I like what you did for the second song. The only thing I can complain about is that they didn't flow into eachother very well. The thing that makes medleys really good is how easily they transition into each other, so I think that's something you could work on.

But still, it's really cool, I enjoyed it. I know you already critted mine but seeing as you're a gamer, if you're familiar with the old Sonic The Hedgehog games or Zelda games, would you care to have a listen to one of my midi medleys? Here's the link to my Sonic one
hey there.. =)
first of all, good job you just made me go look for this song because i thought it was really good, i wanted to know how it really sound..
i must say you did an amazing job with the mixing everything together, you are really talented, and i wish i could see you on youtube playing this... :]
are you in a band, or you make all by yourself??
anyway.. fantastic job!!!
if you get the chance? c4c ?:]
I did this all by myself, usually i have a guy that writes the drums. But this song i had to do everything. I will be sure to C4C all your guy's songs right away. =D.
Hey, thanks for the crit man.

Lets see....THAT WAS GREAT!! Nice work on that, seriously. My favorites were the Aeris and battle themes. Nice drums too btw. I always have trouble making a decent sounding drum track. I can't hear any bass guitar though. That definitely would have beefed it up alot. Very nice harmonies too. That definitely earned a DL so I can put it in my regular rotation of vg tunes for my car. Once again VERY nice work.
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