I don't know how many UG-er's listen to korean pop music... But I've grown quite attached to it! WAIT! Don't leave yet! ....My last few covers on my youtube page have been English covers of over-manufactured kpop songs, and I think this one is worth listening to.

Click here to watch "Don't Spray Perfume (Noona's Response) on my Youtube channel! ... It's also on my UG Profile.

The original song: http://youtu.be/HrWTc4lG8lI basically talks about how this boy, who is juggling 2 women, is tell his older girlfriend to stop spraying perfume on herself or else the younger one will found out... blah blah blah. Just listen to some of it to get an idea of how the song sounds...

So I turned it around around, and made it a response. I completely changed the lyrics (from Korean into English) to fit the older woman's perspective. I slowed down the song, and used different instruments.

Tell me what you think here or go to my profile. That's cool.

I have a hardly straight love for Korean boybands .. But that being said, I really did like your cover! You have a great voice, good job! The lyrics are a bit shallow, compared to your heartfelt rendition, but you can't be blamed for that. Please, write more original material!
Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..