Ok, So i've just recieved my DIY guitar kit.. but have no idea where to start!

I've sanded down the body, but i dont know either to dye the wood or just clear varnish it, I like the natural wood colour and want to keep it, but no ideas there.

Also its come with pretty bog basic hardware, what would be a must to upgrade? I've been playing guitar a few years, and this is more of an experience/project for me, but i still want a nice sound from it, i'm not a millionaire so dont want to spend thousands on it.

And generally any other tips that i might need to help me out?

Cheers, Dan.
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I guess it's an electric guitar kit?

Throw some pics of the lot up here, especially of the body wood! How much have you got to do? Is the neck already fretted, that sort of thing.

As for upgrades, new pickups would probably help it, maybe a whole new wiring system (depending on how much potentiometers and all that jazz (a) cost, and (b) affect the sound).
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Awesome guy right here

Neck's fretted, and its come with really standard hardware, the guitar only cost me £99 so i wasnt expecting pro gear obviously.

Im thinking of clear varnishing it, would that effect the sound compared to other types of finish? Im total new at this and have no clue.
Axe: Ibanez SA
Amp: White Horse 60w Mini Stack
That's kinda cool looking, whats the brand?

In my experience with kits at that price bracket (my first electric was a $119 Tele knockoff diy kit) the tuners are never good, and it wouldn't hurt to get some new electronics hardware (pots, wiring, jack, switch) either. On my Tele I replaced the stock stuff with some $40 WD Music tuners. They aren't perfect but they do a good job when you don't want to spend as much on your tuners as you did for the whole guitar.

Electronics shouldn't cost you much, maybe $40-50.

I'm not too knowledgeable on finishes and such, but I do know that the effect your finish has isn't THAT big of a deal. Just putting a clear coat on it won't hurt the tone at all, but it might look kinda boring.
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