I didn't like the guitar tone and I noticed a couple of mistakes. The riffs in the beginning were in my opinion a little bland. But the solo is pretty cool, I like it.


i really quite liked it. tone was pretty good also not keen on the first part of the solo (tremelo part) thought maybe it didn't need all of it being tremelo picked. maybe it a bit of wah during that part. nice work keep it up!
Like the fade in. The guitar tone is good. The overall mix is a little thin sounding though. I think you should double track the guitars (doesn't sound like you did?) to give it a fuller and heavier sound. The Egyptian sounding melodies are really cool. Nice leads at the end. The drum sounds could be better. Also it's quite short, maybe you could extend it a bit. Anyway, I think what you have is really good, just a couple of things you could work on.