My local music supplier have a few interesting used pedals for sale - a Crowther Audio Hot Cake, Mad Professor Little Green Wonder and a Subdecay Blackstar.
I've been looking for a high quality OD as of late and might go with one of those, but first I'd like some opinions from someone with experience!

Are all the pedals stackable with other ODs?
I'm not really looking for something high gain, but the Subdecay has a really interesting tone. Which is why I'm wondering if it also would be capable at producing lower gain sounds and just slightly boosting the signal?

I mainly play a Strat HSS through a Bogner Alchemist and enjoy a wide array of tones. But I'm mainy interested in a very dynamic blues- and old school rock tone.

Favourite bands and guitarists can be viewed in my profile!

Thanks in advance!
I think the prices are about the same - but not 100% sure. But I'm also leaning towards the Hot Cake, seems like a really versatile and dynamic pedal. From watching a lot of demos of it it seems that it enters fuzz territory when you go past 12 o'clock on the drive, which I kinda like!

But I still have time to change my mind!