I've got a warmoth strat body routed for a floyd and im wondering if i could remove the metal plate between the block and the baseplate on my OFR to simply turn it into a floating trem(would also make it easier to set up string action w/o shimmin the neck. Doing so might give me 1,5 mm or even less to pull the bar up before the baseplate hits the body (i think, im not at home right now and wont be for a cupl o days).

You guys think this is a good or a bad idea?

thanks in advance
i also now realise that i might not have an angled neck pocket on that guitar. i need about 2 degrees since the floyd is not recessed. what i think would be good is a brass plate (for the whole pocket) that angles the neck 2 degrees. i might be able to make one myself or is there some site that sells neck shims? i couldnt find any on stewmacs site.
i would also have to raise the bridge but that would only give me more room to pull the bar up.
im not gonna do something sloppy like putting a piece of credit card at the end of the neck heel :P im thinking of sanding down the front end of the pocket, and just put 1 mm brass plate to compensate for the sanding.
Don't be sloppy and use credit cards, do what I do, be CNILE and use KITCHEN MATCHES!!-seriously, they are wood, so you are guaranteed to have tonal perfection(wood+wood=TONE!!), they compress when you tighten the neck bolts. BE SURE TO SNAP THE FIRE-MAKING PART OFF, you don't want your axe to burst into flame during a lead solo-(then again......)anyway, put them behind the rear neck screws. lay them side to side, the more you use, the more angle you get. This is the secret to making a badass-syle bridge work on a bolt-on lp or sg jr. (epiphone), when you wind up with the string action 3 miles too high.
It really works, imparts a true trailer-trash vibe to your guitar, just make sure you put the neckplate back on upside down. There is additional tonal quality to that as well.
"Life's too short for bad tone"-Rev. Billy Gibbons
sounds intresting. i guess i might give that a try once i decide to fix that guitar!