My band is recording vocals on Garageband over music which we composed. The problem we are facing is that now the vocals are sounding very separate from the music.
As a result we tried to use reverb on the vocals track. That didn't work either. Although the vocals sound better now the whole song sounds dead. What should I do? Please help!
Have you:
(a) Cleaned up the vocal track to remove breaths, hiss etc
(b) EQ'd the vocals using one of the Graphic EQ's
(c) Compressed the vocals
as these are the basics on Garageband to boost your vocal tracks? Try playing around with them if not, as you might be surprised. You can then add the reverb and/or double the track after if further adjustment is required!?!
hello, a good goal in layering tracks are frequency slotting(the act of removing frequencys from tracks to make room for other tracks with those frequencys of another track) and panning ill start with drums the bass usually stays on center and cut the top end anything above 1k off the bass drum and anything below 64hz really tightens it up then your toms should be in your mids panning 10% more per tom lowest is 10 next lowest is 20 etc really sounds like your infront of a drumer playing your eq will be mostly mids cut 5k and above and mostly below 500hz this is rough on toms but vocals really need to sit in on top of everything so reducing frequencys such as 200-2k-12k really allows you to have a nice vocal take alright snare should be mostly mids 500-2k also a rough but snare is a core instrument in a song you need to hear so keep it open cymbals depend on the genre but i usually through them in the back of most metal and rock tracks so turn them down and cut16k above and 5k-below works on most cymbals and try to take as much 12k as possible for vocal air and pan them if miked stereo pan one overhead 50% left and the other 50% right alright Bass time bass should be 2k and bellow cutting off 64hz and below even know bass sounds cool in a car or whatever turn it down in a mix to be heard but to barely cut through if you want more of a poppy standout jazz sound boost 2k by like 1-2db no more and pan bass center Electric guitar pan 40% left or right and remove 12-above and roughly 300-500-below and remove some 2k guitar is one of the instruments that fight vocals the most so be ready to spend time on equing guitar alright vocals lay them pan center boost 200-2k-12k and I would try recording your room first just a blank track to figure out what frequencys are bad in your room and completley remove them in my room its 6400 i completly wipe out my mixes alright reverb a pinch on drums cleans them up fairly nice keep it off the bass put a different reverb on vocals than whats on drums and for guitar you would have to play with it but i dont really use it on guitar im kinda streched on time but you can save all tracks as waves then message me and sen email me each track and ill clean them up for u thanks.
@deciferthis thats a lot of info... thanks a lot... I'll try my best myself.. if not u get an email
sounds like frequency masking. EQ first and if you add a verb, EQ after that as well. They muddy it up like no other
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