I wondered if its possible to play those fast single line melodies and solos with your fingers (on an acoustic). I have been playing fingerstyle for some time now, and I have never encountered fast single line melodies, but think of it like this: If I have no pick at hand, and would like to play fast solos, how can that be done? Is there a specific technique for this? Can you do it without fingernails (I dont use finger nails, since I would have to grow them very very very long in order for the tip of the nails to be over the fingers)? Can it be done NOT using a classical position?

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I'm aware of several techniques for playing fast, single-note runs with the fingers.
1. The standard classical-type lines played with either three fingers or the thumb and fingers all sequentially plucking the same string.
You can hear this on many classical guitar pieces; well-done it sounds almost like a tremolo line.
Thumb and one finger alternating up-and-down strokes. This is pretty much what Chet Atkins used to do; he admitted that the classical method was perhaps better and regretted not having learned it.
Using the thumbnail as a flatpick. Marcel Dadi (French fingerstylist) used to do this; you just hold the thumb and forefinger together as if you were holding a pick, and use the edge of the thumbnail to strike the strings.
There are probably others.....
look at some bass players. Some can do amazing stuff fingerstyle.
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