Just a quick question.

I've played an Epiphone SG before and the strings are low to the fretboard which allows really easy bends, slides, and you can play the notes easier without pressing down too hard. Does a Fender Stratocaster have the same thing? I've only played a Squier Strat (mine) and the strings seem to be higher than the SG and seem to be harder to press down. I have a terrible Squier Strat (not saying all squiers are terrible, just the one I have!). I was looking into buying a Fender mim strat.

Thank you.
What you are referring to is action. Any* decent guitar can be set up by yourself or a good idea is by a professional at a guitar shop. They can set it up high (strings far away from the neck, deeper sound) or low (easy playability, etc). So yes, you might have to pay $45usd to have it set up though. But it is a good idea so it can be a guitar that is suited for your playing style.

so to answer your question: YES
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what you are referring to is the action of the guitar, the distance between the fretboard and strings. IN GENERAL the action is better, i say better but it is a very personal thing, not everyone likes a low action some, myself included dont prefer an action that is right off the fretboard. On a higher end guitar, and a MIM being better quality than the squire it most certainly will be better. There are many thing that come into play for the action, first and foremost proper setup, 2nd build quality if the guitar is built like crap and you set the action too low, it will buzz like crazy, mainly due to the way the frets are set (or arent set) and the truss rod.
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You can lower the strings, y'know. If you can't set up guitars yourself, you can let a local luthier/tech do it for a couple of bucks. It's worth it.

Most Fenders have a longer scale than your SG (648mm and 628mm respectively), which results in more tension on the strings, but it's not like they're worlds apart.

Any guitar which doesn't have a srewed up neck and frets can be adjusted to have low action
string gauge affects this too. i've noticed a lot of people put 9's on SG's while others usually put 10's on strats.
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you can lower fender strings by raising these two pegs.

if you pick up buzz that transmits thru the amp,
then post back and we can figure you the issue.

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