hey guy's just wondering whether there's any techniques to help me improve sweep picking other than practicing the scales over and over
IF you haven't played guitar for at least a year, then it's quite pointless to learn this...
Well, if you have, the trick is to start slow.
Begin with doing a sweep pattern over 3 strings. 12th fret G-string, 13th fret B-string and 12th fret at the high e-string followed by 15th fret at the same string.
Just do a comfortable a straightforward sweeping motion across the strings. Also make sure your pick strikes the strings in as good angel as possible (90 if possible) to get the best sound. The way you hold the pick while sweeping shouldn't be too different from how you useally do it, or else you will have trouble when shifting over to sweeping from a faster part of a solo or anything like that.
ALso be sure to mute the string you don't want to get a sound from, or else it will just be noisy. The way I do that, is using my right palm (picking hand) and the flesh on my fingers at my left hand.
How your hand is angled to the fretboard matters too, since if you want to be playing huge 2 octave patterns at 5 strings, you will probably have to have your fingers facing directly the neck from the side (unless you have wierd fingers or simply just a bigger hand than me.)
If you happen to be better than I thought, here's the 5 string sweep pattern:


It's D minor, starting from the 5th.
Doing a A# major sweep sounds good after the minor sweep too.
Just move the note on the 12th fret a string to 13, and the 14th fret to 15 on the g string. it's way harder, since you got to barre the finger accross the 3 middle strings.
Takes much practice to make it sound clean.

by the way, I have no idea why I wrote that much.... why cant I do this while doing homework!? hope it helps anyway!
They aren't scales, if you don't know that you prolly shouldn't be learning to sweep them. It'd be like asking how to drive really fast before you can steer.

There's a really good vid linked in the main sticky - click on the "Technique" in my sig.
Learn chord/arpeggio construction. Then worry about sweeping.
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Hey i wrote 2 articles concerning sweep picking.


I would like to know from the forum moderators if linking to my site for relevant content is allowed.

Read those 2 articles, i had some very good fedback from people.

Good luck
if it's a relevant article then it's usually ok, however I have concerns about the rather pushy nature of your site as far as demanding email addresses goes...I think I need a second opinion from Freepower on this.
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apajr is pretty helpful and doesn't spam links to his site, this is totally relevant (although I don't like his method for learning sweeps... >.> ).

I didn't actually get any popups or anything demanding my email so I think it's cool.
I think sweeping is alot like trying to figure out how to ollie on a skateboard... (though it didnt take me 2 years to figure out how to sweep pick).. people can tell u how to do it, but it takes alot of time and perseverance to get it right... u just need to coordinate hitting the strings and the single notes together, u should defs work on chord and arpeggio progressions first... may i suggest Spanish Romance... Its an easy to learn fingerpicking song... but it'll get u started on progressions.. Plus chicks dig that kind of shit Clicky for Romance of the Spanish kind tabs
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Search for a guy called guitargnosis on youtube and check out videos.

I worn you though. He has loads of videos that are just previews of other videos, so you have to filter through a lot until you find the full lesson.

+1 this guy really helped me a lot.
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