Hi folks, long time reader but i've never really post much anymore!
Not sure if this is the right place to post it, although i recall a user from a band who won the competition last year posting up here for the band sons of icarus, don't want to seem like i'm spamming

Basicly my band is in the last 25 of a competition ran by Marshall ('Ultimate Band Contest') to win an endorsement, slot at download festival etc.

Anyway we're a 5 piece Blues Rock band from Durham, UK and we've eventually recorded our first E.P with the first song 'Hear My Call' being entered into the event

We aim for a sort of 60s/70s british sound of the likes of Free, Zeppelin and Floyd.

Heres abit of a video for the first track off the E.P - Hear My Call at the place you can vote for us, if you cant see it search for hear my call and it should pop up or it'll be under my name Dan Leak


If your interested in hearing more, our facebook is www.facebook.com/spectrumband

and the E.P's also on www.spectrum.bandcamp.com

Cheers for taking a minute to listen and vote!
Really appreciate it,

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I'll vote for you if you fix the link

Edit: It asks me to confirm my email address, so I do, and it says I'm now free to vote. Then, when I try to vote, it says; "Please confirm your email address to vote"
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I really like the song, by the way. Normally I vote for people if they ask on here as long as the song's semi-decent, but Hear My Call is fantastic, I think! I really hope you get first place
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