I am trying to record guitar through a line 6 toneport gx audio interface and I am using amplitube. I have everything set up in acid pro and I see levels moving and all activity is good. I record and I do get playback but what I find weird and want to know is why is there no sound waves at all? Nothing happens when I record , all that remains is a straight line.

no matter where I record , even in the recorder in amplitube I Get no sound waves it is fkn weird but I hear playback.
expand your track?
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Are you using Amplitube as a plug-in? (Never used it, so unsure how exactly you'd run it into Acid Pro, but I believe it has a plug-in mode and a stand-alone mode?)

If you are using it as a plug-in, are you sure it isn't just that your DI/tracked clean signal isn't very low level so not showing up much in terms of signal amplitude in Acid Pro, and then you're boosting it a lot in Amplitube to get the required volume? I presume if you zoomed in enough, you'd see the waveform, if that is the case.

If not, then I can only presume you have something odd going on in the DAW preferences for track display
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