I am wondering what the UG communitys opinions are on T-Rex guitar effects pedals ? The sound/build quality ect. Most of the pedals I have now are Digitech X series with a Fender Strat and epiphone Firefly amp.
I find them better for rock rather than metal. I don't like any of the tones I get from them.
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They're boutique pedals with a nice big fat price tag. You can mimmick most tones they get with your cheaper pedals if you look around. After trying some out I thought they sounded pretty good but again you can get the same tone for cheaper. The only one that I really thought I would look at getting down the track was the T-Rex Moller Overdrive. In general they are pretty solid decent pedals just expensive.
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They're not boutique pedals with a nice big fat price tag.


They're just mass produced pedals with a way to high price tag. I had the Replica delay a while back and it was definitely not worth the €300 or so they're going for new. Their lower line pedals is pretty good for the money though. Their top line isn't anything special and you can get some serious good stuff for the price.
They're pretty good. The yellow drive is pretty cool, but if I was going to get one i would get a taptone delay, but I already have a malekko 616
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my friend has a yellow drive its pretty good. i think it was like $150 or so at GC
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I quite like the few I've tried although, as mentioned above, the price is a little excessive. If you can try a few out then find them in decent working order used on bBay or the like for a good price then go for it.
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