Hi guys, I have a problem with my volume knob...
I have a Jackson Dinky Pro, like THIS.
I also have an old Ibanez RG.

In my Ibanez I can remove the volume/tone knobs just pulling them.
I thought it was the same with Jackson, but when i tryied to pull the knob it was more "resistant", so I forced it...
I could not remove the knob at the end!
... And now it's shaky, no longer firmly in place.
It works, yes, but I repeat: it is unstable,
also if I put it to maximum volume, the knob does not stops as like the tone, but it goes forward a few millimeters, as if detached from a base holding him or something ...

Who can help me, please?
Your nut is loose. Remove pot knob and electronics plate. Hold pot in place, tighten the nut.
Check if the knob has a screw, if so loosen. If not put a cloth or something under a screwdriver and pop it off.
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Thanks for the answer... can you please explain me how to do that?
Or where I can find an explaination, please? thanks
There is usually an Alen Key set screw on the side of those type of knob.
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Yea there may be a bolt in the side of the knob. It will be plain to see if there is. If so loosen.
The smaller plastic cover on the back of the guitar, uncrew the screws and remove it, if you see springs remove the other one. You will see a mess of wiring, the back of the switch and the back of the pots. Hold the pot thats loose with your hand (make sure its unplugged) and tighten the nut on the top side of the guitar you will see after removing the knob.
Yes, I did it!
There's a screw at the side of the knob, I loosed it and after I tightened the nut.
I never noticed that screw... I would have damaged it more if I had forced further... better that way, I fixed it now,

Thank you very much!