I don't think they're guitars... they look sort of like a Laud or a Mandolin or something like that...
Hmmm think its too big to be a mandolin though. It's almost as big as a full size guitar...
Oh I believe it is a Brazilian made Giannini Craviola 12 String. jacokix gave a nice clue in the 4 none blondes vid. Did a google search and found it on someones blog. Cheers.
Indeed it is a Giannini, and from what I'm reading the Brazilian made series is quite nice.
By the posted image results, it seems the "craviola" and Godin's "Multi-Oud",do indeed have similar body shapes!

However, the Oud is "normally an 11 stringed instrument.

That said, I'm going to sign off with a few of these.... and leave counting the tuning pegs on the instrument in the video, to our more intrepid members.

Off beat stringed instruments seen to be showing up more often nowadays. Even country pop band, "Lady Antebellum" shows up with a "strange-ee-tar" on their new album.

For an even wider variety of off beat folk style stringed instruments, let me to suggest Loreena Mckennitt's DVD, "Nights at the Alhambra", and especially anything by "Twelve Girls Band". (They're a Chinese ensemble orchestra that interpret Chinese folk music, and western standard pop and orchestral pieces as well).