Hi, I got the chance to be in a room with a drumset like 6 years ago, and I played for few days, I got the basics really fast and enjoyed it a lot. since then I haven't touched the drums but I can't stop thinking about wanting to drum again..
it might take some time before I'll be able to buy a drumset because of where I live, but it's possible I'll move before next year so the dream of getting a drumset is ALIVE!

meanwhile I want to hit something lol I want to practice as much as possible without drums.. I have drumsticks, so I do some air drumming but that's just lame..I want to hear if I'm actually hitting the right thing in the right time, hitting the air isn't helping..

now I don't know much about practice pads, but I wanted to ask if I should get one of those? or is it something for those who already have drums, to use as extra practice without making noise? I'm not sure if it'll help me prepare for a drumset.. the whole point is to learn to hit multiple drums isn't it? both arms and legs.. so I'm gonna hit the air again instead of the hihat?

let me know if there's a value in getting the pad in my position.

It is usually used for quiet practice, but you will save time on the real kit later on. Or you become a great marching drummer. Anyway, a pad is always a good thing to get.
yeah I feel like the pad is for practising snare only..and I want to practice the combination of bass+hihat+snare..
I can always get the pad after I get the drumset if I'll need it, the question is do I need it now?
You can buy practice pad kit or what I have now is a practice pad on a snare stand and a kick practice pad for my bass pedal and practice beats on those. But if you want to work on coordination before you get a drumset to make learning easier, then I suggest you go with either of the choices.
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or you can buy a practice pad with sound and pedals.

will it feel just like a kit? no, but it will feel like a decent practice pad plus you'll have actual drum sounds and practice tools to help you with accuracy.
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I would say that that's a bit cheap, I'd be expecting around $150 but that's in Australia so it may be considerably cheaper in the US.

(I'm just assuming you're from the US, I don't know.) Also, Ebay is definitely a possible place to buy one. I'd also recommend looking it up on youtube to get a further idea of whether it's what you're looking for. I'd link you to a good video but I'm at school with filtered internet.
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pads are usally gum rubber or neoprene. Vic firth and Real Feel (evans) make some generic pads that you see on drum videos. I don't recommend them all that much as they're not very accurate in their response. I do recommend the billy hyde 8" and 12" pads. They are more like a snare tuned to concert pitch and they're more articulate and less forgiving in the sound they make.
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