Okay so I have an Ibanez Rg7620 with upgraded wiring and pots and Seymour Duncan 59 and custom pickups. I really love this guitar. I've been offered a trade for a stock Ibanez RG2550, and I have the money to upgrade the pots, wiring, and get a new set of pickups (probably a crunchlab/liquifire set or just a BKP Aftermath in the bridge, any other suggestions?). Alternatively, I can use the money I have to buy an Ibanez RG470 (late MIJ with the lo-trs trem and aanj) and upgrade it later. My question is what would you probably go for: RG7620 upgraded and RG470 stock, or RG2550 upgraded. I don't really care about having a 7 string vs a 6, I manage to do what I want on both.
rg7620 is a good guitar... I wouldnt trade it away you arent going to get an increase in quality by going with a 2550...
RG470 has a pish trem.. but i quite like the rg76xx series of guitars they're rad.
I'd keep the 7620.

Since you're not exactly "upgrading" with the trade, I think that you should keep yours and get the other guitar you want. At least that's what I'd do. Taking a side step with guitars kind of sucks, but having 2 guitars expands what you can do tuning-wise.
Those are great guitars and are becoming fairly difficult to find. keep it.
Trade in the 7620 for a telecaster
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Hahaha geez alright thanks guys. I kinda knew the trade was a bad idea, but I just needed a second opinion.