Ltd mh 50nt. It's just started humming when not being played. As soon as I touch the bridge, pots or strings the humming stops.

I'm thinking maybe a grounding problem but don't know anything about guitar wiring.

Any pointers please?
I'm pretty sure that's standard as I believe that guitar is grounded to the bridge so when you touch the bridge (strings, tuning heads......anything connected to the bridge) you complete the ground circuit.

In saying that, if its stupid loud, couldn't hurt to pop the cover(s) off and take a look. JUST BE CAREFUL.
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Have you gotten any new electronic equipment, like a new computer? If you have, try unplugging that piece of gear. My computer and my house make my gibson guitar hum. Touching the strings kills the hum. Unplugging the computer reduces the hum. Taking the guitar to the store to complain about the hum kills the hum entirely.

Lots of things can make RF noise that some guitars will pick up. My strat doesn't pick up the hum.
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It's right by my computer so it may be that, I'll experiment.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
My epi used to hum. Turns out the bridge ground was pulled out for emgs and I had to put one in for passives. I would definately check your grounds.
You're gonna have to inspect the pots and wiring, look for loose wires, bad solder joints or a short circuit. A passive guitar circuit is simple electronics.

Don't worry, you can't get electramacuted by poking around the wiring....... honest.

Check the guitar lead too, it may be faulty.