So here's something that's been on my mind for a while. When I do a unison bend on my Ibanez RG1570 (Equipped with an Edge Pro floating trem) the note I'm not bending goes a bit flat. For example, if I have my index finger on the fifth fret of the B-string, and my ring finger on 7th fret of the G-string and bend that note, the note I'm fretting with my index finger goes a bit flat. How the **** do you solve this? Will i need to bend both strings in order to match them to a unison interval? Or is there any better solution?
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I really have no idea if this will work, but maybe if you hold the trem bar in place while you bend, it might work?
There's really no real solution other than hardtailing your trem. This is a feature of all floating trems as far as I know.

Theoretically rageahol's solution could work, but I don't see it happening really. You would have to have the most stable hand in the world.

Some trems handle it better than others I guess. My ZR2 tremolo (S series Prestige) has ZPS which reduces the effect.