More recording frustration...

So I've got a few synth midi clips at the start of a new song I'm recording, one track panned left and the other to the right with exactly the same volume and settings. What's happening is whenever I play the recording either both tracks won't play or only one will play. OR, both start to play and one of then (usually the the one panned right) will gradually decrease in volume them cut out. But it will cut back in occasionally with some notes then go agian! Also wants they have both cut out, if I delete the tracks and set them up agian. They will play but the same thing will happen agian untill one cuts out or they both go all together.

The rest of my guitar tracks play fine its just the midi ones, and I really can't think of a reason why unless theres a glitch in the software or something. I've checked many times if I've accidently set them to fade in and out or something but I definetily haven't.

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2 midi tracks and 3 guitar tracks.. if it can't cope with that I'll be very disapointed!

I've had more tracks going before and its worked fine.. also realised that the midi is cut out completely on that session. (pressing my keys does nothing even though it say its recieving midi) though if I start a new session it works agian..?
What does the CPU meter say? It sounds like it's pushing your computer too hard, or your buffer settings are goofed. Go into the preferences and turn on the test tone and crank the cpu usage simulation to 80. If it crackles and doesn't play smoothly, then increase your buffer size until it does play smoothly.
Thanks for the advice so far but none of it seems to have worked so far. My max cpu usage at the moment seems to float around 20% so it shouldn't be overloading it. Maxing my buffer amount doesn't seem to have changed anything either. =/