**So right now i play 100 % with headphone with a rocktron voodu valve in my bedroom and also use amplitube , le pou etc.. . I dont have a band .. dont do band practice or gig .

the voodu valve has XLR output and can go direct into a P.A ( which i dont have )

so i have other gear i wonder if i should sell since i dont use them ( for now ) .

i have a 1x12 cab with celestion and a couple of boutique pedals .. all i need to get is a tube head ( in the 30watt range ) and would have a sustainable set up to practice with a band or small gig OR sell the whole thing and if i ever have to practice with a band .. buy then . i dont know if ill have a band anytime soon or not . i can be another year without using my gear .

my big dilemma is although at home i cant crank a tube amp or use my pedals .. and use software sim and heapdhone playing .. i still feel that i need ( or can anytime need ) a real amp . My friend basement ( for example ) wont have a P.A to plug a POD ... so i feel liek every guitarist need a sustainable set up that can handle rehearsal and gig .

so should i sell things i dont use right now .. or continue building a nice set up thats gonna be useful later ???

anyone have 100watt tube amp but play with small modeler /software sim through headphone studio monitors at home cause their amp/bedroom dont allow it ???? do you feel its money waste ??

thank you .
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erm...... scrap up $200 and get a Fender Mustang?

More than loud enough for practicing and alot of sounds.
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I would say used tube amp and an attenuator.
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the vht special 6 ultra is pretty nice i got it for 250 and it covers a wide range of tones its a 15 watt tube head that they make as a combo it it gets plenty loud and plenty quiet with great tone at each though i modded mine to have an eq section its very easy to do
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I would say used tube amp and an attenuator.

cant .. im in bedroom with people sleeping in the next room and the house is not soundproof .. very echo .. im playing whsiper volume and under .. 100 % headphone for me .

so my thought was selling everything .. i would have about 500 maybe and could grab a digidesign or simply buy myself a new guitar .

its boring to have 350 $ or pedal that sit in the drawer for 2 years without being use . in case i built a set up and have a band one day .
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Playing through headphones really defeats the purpose of having an amp in my opinion. Not to sound harsh but headphones (don't care how nice/expensive) will never sound the same as an amp going through a legitimate 8/10/12/15" speaker.

I'd say you have two solid options.

1 - Get an acoustic
Seriously, they're pretty fun. And based on the Strats I'd say a good portion of your styles would translate well to acoustic. And besides, you can play them as loudly or quietly as you want AND have the option to go anywhere you want. You could sell your unused gear, save a little cash, and be able to afford a nice used acoustic. I'd recommend a "Jumbo" body vs the more common dreadnought. They aren't as loud and sound more organic/fuller than a dreadnought.

2 - Get an amp. You aren't going to find a tube amp that delivers great sub-bedroom level tone and able to compete with a band of any sort. Almost all tube amps sound their best at a fairly high volume anyway, unless you're looking into micro wattage amps (1/2, 1/4W). And this falls under the headphone statement I made before as well. Attenuators are nice, but they don't sound like you think they would when attenuated down to bedroom levels. The tone's there, but it isn't 'right'.

Your best option, as concerned with amps, would be going solid-state. The main point behind SS is that you don't have to crank them like tube amps to get their tone. You could look into a decent modeler (like a Mustang or Valvetronix for example) with a decent wattage rating and be able to play as quiet as you want and turn up later during a jam. The modeling approach will let you carry the aspect of "imaginary effects" from your computer setup to the real world.

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Really comes down to how much use you would get out of a tube amp. How often can you actually play through an amp at home? And how often are you going to be jamming at a friend's house? If that's going to be only a couple hours a week, that won't be an easy decision, depending on available expendable income, to spend $400-500 on a decent used all tube combo.

If you have better things to spend money on, then you might just want to stick with what you have and then buy an amp when needed. Or find a decent used modeling amp that has headphone out. The Peavey Vypyr 60 tube 1x12 combo sells for $450 new, so you might be able to find a used one for $300?

And I'd imagine a large number of people who own 30 watt or higher tube amps never get to really play them at their intended volume. In my living room, my 6505 combo is basically a caged beast, with the lead volume @ 1, I can feel my ears starting to numb in less than 20mins. I'm still thinking hard about selling the beast and going with something like the vypyr tube amps.
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